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Treasures Of Women

Closing Ceremony

“Treasures Of Women” celebrating a hundred and sixty-song on falaki theater Saturday May 17th, 2014.

Project “Treasures Of Women” celebrated the launching of the first collection of traditional songs recorded by women of the djaafarh tribe on Saturday, May 17 at falaki Theater downtown at 7: 30 pm.

“Treasures Of Women” is considered one of the first digital projects to collect 160 heritage songs of southern Egypt, particularly in Aswan from 12 different villages are: Salwa, Ahadjndah, Banpan, Khattara, Mansuriyya, Edfu Alameddine village, Drau, Aqaba, Aldjaafarh and the middle of Aswan.

The team of the project “Treasures Of Women” which aims to collect heritage materials, finished recording 160 heritage song from 12 different areas in Aswan, which belongs to the tribes of Aldjaafarh, Alababda and Alansar who gather in several villages and cities, namely: Salwa, Ahadjndah, Banpan, Khattara,Mansuriyya, Edfu Alameddine village, Drau, Aqaba, Aldjaafarh and the center of Aswan.

The idea of the project came after the death of a large number of elder women in Aswan, and with them families lost lyrical heritage, especially since young women have different culture now away from the original heritage, which will help the demise of this art fully over the years, the beginning of the story back to the artist Mohammed Basheer, who has recorded wedding songs to sing by the ladies of his family, this was the main motivation for the team, “Treasures Of Women” to transform this small experience to a large project which is a compilation of all the songs of the Women from Upper Egypt.

The team explained that the lyrical heritage is a treasure of art lots of new generations does not know and it began to disappear with the death of many of the heritage Keepers who often sing this song at weddings and joyous occasions, and in celebrate of the birth of a new child and the joy of the Hajj and Umrah, There are songs, even for sad occasions, including what is called Aladeed, where the ladies vocals divided into multiple partitions, including joyful songs, sad songs and Sociability songs, the team of “Treasures Of Women” has compiled their voice with audio stories, where all the songs has been collected and discharged with the name of the lady who sings it and her age and background about her life.











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